Everlasting® Revolution Hydrangea

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Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Hokomarevo’ Revolution PP#22,260
USDA Hardiness Zones: 5a to 9b
The color changes on a single Everlasting® Revolution hydrangea are simply incredible! Expect combinations of deep pink, maroon, and blue blooms, all with green highlights as the flowers mature. Every color can be present at once on this heavily reblooming shrub, creating an unforgettable look in garden and container!
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Woody Ornamentals - Flowering Shrubs
Growth Size:   Low Shrub - 3 to 4 feet tall, 2 to 4 feet wide
Growth Habit:   Mounding - Compact - Dwarf
Features:   Gift Plant
Heat Tolerant
Attracts:   Butterflies
Garden Ideas:   
Cottage, Shade, Cutting
Flower features:    Showy Flowers, Good for Cut Flowers, Repeat Flowering, Long Flowering
Blue, pink or maroon flowers, depending on soil pH; strong rebloom for continuous color that bloom in spring through summer
Foliage type and color:    Deciduous, Dark Green
Shiny, large, dark green leaves
Landscape Uses:    Beds, Shady areas, Grouping, Poolside, Woodland edge
Accent, Border, Container, Mass Planting, Specimen
Everlasting® Revolution Hydrangea is a Moderate maintenance plant
Growth Size:   Low Shrub - 3 to 4 feet tall, 2 to 4 feet wide
Growth Rate:   Fast
Spacing:   3-4 ft apart
Exposure:   Full Sun to Partial Shade
Watering:   Moderate   Semi-Moist
Soil Types:   Adaptable to pH   Moist, well-drained   Enriched with organic matter
General Plant Care:    Hydrangeas are easy-care shrubs that prefer to be planted in partial or afternoon shade. Hydrangeas will wilt in afternoon heat, but typically recover in morning. Consider planting your hydrangea in a spot where they get afternoon shade or watering more frequently during hot spells.
General Planting Tips:    Choose a site suited to your plant's light, soil, and space needs. Dig a hole twice as wide but no deeper than the container. Remove plant from container and loosen roots slightly. Place the plant in the hole. If using slow-release (coated) fertilizer, you may add it according to package directions at this time. Add soil back to the hole, ensuring the top of the soil from the container is even with the surrounding soil. Water well, and add more soil if needed. Add 2-3 inches of mulch around plant, taking care to keep away from stem or trunk. See our FAQ page for more details on Mulching.
General Fertilizing Tips:    Once in spring with a slow-release fertilizer recommended for this plant (shrub, tree) at a rate according to package directions.
General Pruning suggestions:    It is not necessary to prune hydrangeas, and many have flowers that age to lovely shades of pink, purple, green, beige, etc. if allowed to stay on the plant. If you need to prune, wait until after they bloom (usually late spring to mid-summer). Avoid late summer or fall pruning as mophead hydrangeas bloom on old wood, meaning flower buds are set in fall for the following spring. If your mophead suffers any winter damage to stems, wait until the plant has fully broken dormancy in spring (all new growth has begun). Be patient - this can take longer than you think! Then prune off any dead growth, being careful to not cut into any live stems (inside of stem will be green instead of brown).
Bloom Tips:    Remove flower stalks after blooms have faded
USDA Hardiness Zones: 5a to 9b

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Susan K.
United States United States
First Time Buyer

Ordered the Everlasting Revolution Hydrangea and they arrived quickly and the packing and shipping was wonderful! The plants arrived in great shape. The plants were healthy and very full. Was very impressed with the overall process and would definitely buy again!

Meredith K.
United States United States
Beautiful Hydrangeas


Diane T.
United States United States
beautiful upon arrival

plants are green and sure hope they bloom next year with all 3 color blooms.

A Outside.com  Customer
Lindsey M.
United States United States
Very pleased

My hydrangea bloom has outlasted all of the other hydrangea bushes in my neighborhood. It really is everlasting.

Iuliia D.
United States United States
Great first time purchase

Great looking plant. Good size and green. Hopefully it will survive after planting. Very impressed with quality of the plant and shipping speed.