Our Guarantee for your Plant purchases

We guarantee to provide healthy, thriving, container-grown plants, of retail nursery quality and size, that are ready upon arrival to plant and thrive in your landscape. Please use our online Contact Us Form to notify us of any problem within three (3) days of receipt of your order. We will cheerfully send a replacement or refund for claims received within this time frame.

Please be prepared to provide photos of the plants in question to help assess your damage claim.

Please do not plant a "damaged" plant without contacting us first!  We will do our best to provide advice for handling plant stress due to transit, or begin shipping a replacement immediately.
Minor branch breakage, minor leaf loss, and loosening of the root ball due to shipping is fairly common and will not be considered “damage”.  

Please be aware that plants shipped during dormancy need adequate time in the spring to show signs of life. If a plant shipped dormant in the winter or spring fails to emerge from dormancy by May 30th we will guarantee it outside of the three day notification period, as long as you notify us using our online Contact Us Form by May 30th.  

While we do our best to not ship plants during extreme weather, please take your local weather conditions into account.  If your area is extremely cold or hot during a particular month, please consider delaying your order to help ensure the safe arrival of live plants.  Please ask your delivery agent to place your packages in a protected area to avoid prolonged temperature exposure.

Instructions for planting are located online at Outside.com/PlantsFAQ.  If you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us using our online Contact Us Form  for additional guidance with planting and plant care from our expert customer service staff.

The customer takes full and sole responsibility for providing care to the plants once in your possession.  Customer agrees to open the box and take care of the plants received immediately. Failure of live plants to thrive is the sole responsibility of the customer.  Other than those stated in this section, no refunds or replacement plants are provided.

Please consult our Plant Shipping FAQs for additional information.